QUEECA is a Tempus project which aims at setting up and implementing a system of Quality Assurance of Engineering Education (EE) in Central Asia countries, finalized to the pre-professional accredition of engineering programmes (i.e. accredition of educational programmes as entry route to the eng. profession). The accredited programmes must satisfy the same pre-requisites for the award of the EUR-ACE quality label, i.e. the EUR-ACE Framework Standards (EAFS) and the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

The project eligibility period has been extended until 14th April 2016.


1.Create a National EE Society where it does not exist (in Kazakhstan, strengthen the existing KazSEE) and a CA Federation of EE Societies, partnered with SEFI and IFEES.

2.Adapt the EAFS and formulate analogous CA Standards (CAEAS) in Russian and English.

3.Create Accredit. Centers in each CA country (with a Regional coordination); train the relevant “accreditors“.

4.Run a series of Trial Accreditations with intern. teams to test the draft CAEAS and the local accreditors.

5.Taking into account the Trial Accreditations results, formulate the final version of CAEAS.

6.Conduct a first run of pilot accredit. of eng. prgms and award the first EUR-ACE labels in CA.

7.Formulate a self-supporting financial plan for carrying out accreditation after the project closure.


QUEECA involves 4 out of 5 TEMPUS countries in CA.The three-year QUEECA initiative is led by the University of Firenze, School of Engineering under the leadership of Prof. Claudio Borri. The QUEECA consortium includes European partners from Italy, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and the United Kingdom and Central Asian partners from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

At the Tashkent State Technical University (Uzbekistan) it was created a site dedicated to the realization of the QUEECA aims in this university and in Uzbekistan. The site is readable in English, Russian, and Uzbek languages. Here is the link on the site: 



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